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Kreb Friday Morning ride ...

NOTE: Please check the SBRA Ride Calendar for details on each Friday Ride. 
Rides start from either Bellport OR Eastport. Details below are for Bellport.

Below is a link to the map for the Kreb Friday ... East or The Maples ride.


The East or Maples ride route will start to be used for the summer ride too. The ride basically follows a route that I have been doing for the past 35 years ... I guess that means I don't like change?? We do the usual first 6 or so miles but we do not turn left onto River rd. from the North Service rd. Instead we continue along the service road and cross William Floyd Hwy. Taking the service road to the end we are now into some of the best roads on the Island. Left onto Barnes then the first right onto Yaphank Moriches Rd. Go to Dayton and take the left for some moderate climbing. Right into the farmland & South St. Pass Jim Merkels old house where we used to ride cross bikes back by the kettle ponds in the early 80's. Left onto Ryerson follow it around to Silas Carter. Left here and take it up to the Maples. Left onto North St, past the new R.C. Church where the old Barn and Potato farm was, then through the 4 way stop and past the old houses that were abandoned for the longest time on your left. (John Youngman used to live on the right). Then to right onto South St.(hate the false flat on this road) to Yaphank Moriches Rd.We now go straight through the light here following Charlies route onto Sleepy Hollow road. Make your first right onto Crestwood Dr., then take that to your second left which is Bowxood Dr. Take a right at the end and this road (Flower Hill Dr) will take you across William Floyd Parkway. It ends at Sothaven Park where you turn right onto River Rd. Left here to the end and another left onto Moriches Yaphank Rd. Through Yaphank to the traffic light and a left onto Yaphank Middle Island Rd. Left at the fork in the road to start the longish climb on CR 101. This goes to Gazolla Dr. which we turn left on and take the usual route back home.

A little longer than the North version but maybe a little easier ride.