Winter Biking Advice

Dashing through the snow...on a two-wheeled bicycle. It just doesn't have quite the same ring, does it? Let's be honest, when the temps drops and white stuff starts to fall, we tend to pack away our bikes until the spring thaw. However, winter biking is quite possible, provided you have the right bike and the right gear. Not only will riding through the winter keep up your conditioning, we have a feeling it will make you even tougher. Don't lose the momentum you've been building - stay in the saddle!


The right bike for winter biking

The first item to tackle when considering winter riding is finding the right bike. And the first question to ask when looking for the right bike is "what do I want to do?" Commuters need to consider the fact that all that snow and salt and muck can be rather tough on an exposed drivetrain. This is why many winter commuters find simpler is better, and often choose to ride single-speed bike. However, many different styles of bikes - from mountain to touring to hybrid bikes - with the right tires can work in winter conditions. Cyclocross bikes in particular are built for varying conditions, although might not be the best choice in deep snow.

If you're hitting the trails in the winter months there's nothing better - or more fun - than a fat bike. These bikes are made for dashing through the snow, and with the right cold weather gear, you might even find winter riding on the trails even more enjoyable than summer riding.