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Kreb Cycle and Best Practices in Preparation for COVID-19
Updated date 4/13/2020

     We at Kreb Cycle are very proud of our fellow New Yorkers who have helped flatten the curve. We're hoping that with continue vigilance the spread of CoVid-19 virus will continue to slow. We want to thank all the staff at Long Island Community Hospital for their selfless hard work and courage to help us through this difficult time. We would also like to thank all of the people still working at their "essential" jobs. For some it might seem a blessing to be able to work through this, but the added risk to not only themselves but also their loved ones makes this a particular stressful time. Unfortunately this work falls mainly on the service industry workers who are usually not compensated properly for what I feel their work does for our country.  

     So in a minor effort to give back to our brothers and sisters in our industry I'd like to offer a free Check Oil Adjust for any-ones bicycle who works in the service industry field who is continuing to work through this crisis. This of course includes anyone working at Long Island Community Hospital. Please be patient with us, we are not a big corporation, it might take us a little time to get your bike back but I promise we'll do the best we can so you can enjoy a bike ride sometime soon. You deserve it!!

OK here are the shop procedures as of April 13th.

We will be open daily from 11-5 every day except Sundays when we are closed. The operation of our shop will be changed significantly. Please see below

1)Until further notice the showroom of the shop will be closed. We are doing all of our business outside in our large parking lot. We will meet you outside. We ask that all customers respect the national guidelines...maintain 6 feet and wear a face covering. 

2) If you have a repair you can call ahead and let us know you are coming. We can then prepare a work ticket for your bicycle. When you arrive you can leave your bike in the rack outside the shop. If you prefer we can stay inside the shop until you leave and we will then clean and tag the bike. 

3) If you are dropping off a minor repair please do not wait in our parking lot....go back to your car or take a social distancing walk.

4) We have the Krebmobile ready to assist for pick ups and deliveries. We can deliver new bicycles right to you door...fully assembled and ready to go. The delivery of new bicycles is free to customers living in the South Country School District. We are also picking up and delivering repair bikes. Call the shop to set up a convenient time.

5) After each visitor we will disinfect touch points of the bicycles and any interaction  outside the store. We will continue our current COVID-19 practices concerning cleaning and disinfecting. 

6) We can ship parts to you. Most parts will arrive to you the next day if you get your orders in by 2pm.

6) If you wish, we can deliver goods to you in your car. You can even purchase everything over the phone and pick it up quickly in store, or we can deliver it to your home (deliver fee may apply depending on distance). 

7) And of course if you are current experiencing any illness, please stay home. 

8) Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.