Kreb Friday Morning Ride North Route

Info and Maps for Kreb Friday Morning North

Friday mornings at 8AM....,(From November until sometime in spring we will start at 9AM, then go back to the 8AM start)..... we do an "A" paced ride.

It is 30mi long give or take a half mile.It takes about 1 hour and 45 min. The ride is flat in the beginning , we warm up for the first 3 to 5 mi. No pulls over 20mi/hr.

Once we get over Sunrise highway and turn onto the north service road the pace usually picks up. This is a flat / slightly downhill section and we can hit 25 here. Left onto river road and a little delay to regroup if necessary. North on River road, anywhere from 19-22 mph depending on who is pulling. Some rollers in this section make it hard to hang on if you are struggling so the people up front need to adjust to that. At the end of River left onto Yaphank Moriches Rd. Another flat road with a slight rise at the end 21-23mph here.

A right just past Yaphank F.D. and a quick left brings us back out to Yaphank Middle Island Rd. North here to East Bartlett. Now we get into a little climbing. No restrictions here.....ride as hard through this section to Middle Country Rd. as you want. Make the right turn onto Middle Country and wait for the stragglers or meet the mountain goats at the top (If your lucky maybe you'll see Nicky Attisano going to work. well not anymore. Now look for Darren unless he's on the ride).

Down the hill past Wal-Mart and right onto Middle Island Yaphank Rd. Flat here for a couple miles past Catherdral Pines Park and right onto E. Bartlett again. This time at the T make a left onto Ashton. Once again everyone at their own pace up this, difficult for the south shore, climb.

Regroup at the light in Gordon Heights. Left onto Mill Rd. past the golf course (hello Billy G, we miss you!!!) and right onto Bellport Ave. 3 miles of flat to CR 101 and right here. The speed usually picks up here sometimes to 25-28mph. Nice little motor pacing section. Then left onto Gazzola and back roads to home.