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Polar M450 GPS Bike Computer with Heart Rate Sensor
Polar's M450 bike computer designed to support all riding styles and goals. Stylish, customizable and designed for your needs. - Track your speed, distance and route with state-of-the-art GPS powered by a fast satellite connection. - Integrated barometer to ensure precise altitude functions. - Heart rate is your most reliable fitness indicator. Monitor your heart rate to train effectively. - Learn to know yourself by measuring your condition and progress with Fitness and Orthostatic Tests. - Find your limits by following your Training Load and learn how much recovery time is needed after the ride. Available on the Polar Flow web service. - A smart visibility front LED light for your safety. Tech - High-precision barometer - Sensitive and accurate GPS - 64Mb flash memory - 35 hours of recording time with HR, GPS and power sensors on - Rechargeable 385mAh battery - Battery duration up to 16 hours of training with heart rate and GPS on
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