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Gunnar Roadie Frame
$950.00 - $2,525.00
The best road bikes are all about balancing priorities: light and durable, stiff and compliant, go-fast handling and all-day comfort. Gunnar's Roadie checks all the boxes, relying on modern fit and geometry, up-to-date manufacturing, and the unbeatable ride of steel. Light, stiff, high-quality steel tubing is central to the sublime ride and pinpoint handling of the Roadie. With power transfer that will leave your buddies gasping in the sprint and the steel frame’s renowned compliance and vibration damping ability, the Roadie is equally at home taking the lead at the Wednesday Night Worlds or cruising through your weekend century. With Gunnar's long list of custom options the stock Roadie frame is just the beginning. Electronic shift routing? Chromoly or ENVE carbon fork? S&S Couplers for an epic, around-the-world trip? When it comes to your ride, don't compromise. The Roadie has it all.
Gunnar Street Dog
$1,025.00 - $2,500.00
Take away all the complexity of a modern bicycle drivetrain and you'd have Gunnar's Street Dog; simple, elegant, and a joy to ride. Single-speed and fixed gear drivetrains have their devotees because of their clean look, mechanical simplicity, and the rider's connection to the bike, all things that the Street Dog offers you. Light, stiff, high-quality steel tubing is central to the sublime ride and pinpoint handling of the Street Dog. With snappy power transfer that lets you thread through traffic with ease, and its renowned compliance and vibration damping ability to knock the sting out of rough pavement, the Street Dog turns mundane commutes and cross-town jaunts into thrilling rides. Deluxe touches like stainless steel dropout faces, as well as creature comforts like double water bottle bosses and fender eyelets, ensure that your Street Dog looks great and rides even better. Gunnar's customization options let you make the bike your own. Want to add a Gunnar chromoly or ENVE carbon fork? How about S&S Couplers for the ultimate stripped-down travel bike? Anything is possible with Gunnar's Street Dog.
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