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C.O.A. or check oil adjust is low price checkup for your bike. If you have an old bike and don't want to invest much money in it or if the bike is a department store special we can adjust the brakes and gears, lubricate the pivots on the derailleurs and brakes, oil the chain, true the wheels while leaving them on the bike and inflate the tires to proper pressure.The bike gets a test ride.


The Tune-up at the Kreb Cycle is like an overhaul at some other shops. The Tune-up includes

  • removing & greasing the seatpost and stem
  • lubricating the drivetrain and pivots on all components
  • adjusting brakes front and rear
  • adjusting gears front and rear
  • aligning the derrailleur hanger if necessary
  • adjusting the headset bearings
  • adjusting the bottom bracket bearings
  • adjusting the front wheel bearings
  • adjusting the rear wheel bearings
  • truing and tensioning front and rear wheels
  • inflating tires & test ride
  • minor cleaning of frame
  • free installation any parts purchased here at the shop
  • noting any problems not taken care of

Tune-up with Drive Train Clean

Includes all in the Tune-up plus

  • removal of front and rear derailleurs
  • removal of chain, cassette and chainrings
  • all cleaned in parts washer
  • all reinstalled and lubricated


The whole enchilada! Everything stripped off the frame. Tune up plus...

  • all parts washed in parts washer
  • all cables and housings replaced
  • handlebar tape replaced
  • dropouts and derailleur hanger aligned
  • all open bearings replaced. Races cups and cones cleaned and inspected, replaced if necessary. All sealed bearings inspected and cleaned. All reassembled and adjusted.
  • all steel frames treated with Peter Wiegels frame saver.
  • all frames cleaned and waxed
  • complete reassembly